App Designer Components

App Designer provides a large set of components for designing modern, full-featured applications. The tables below list the components that are available in the Component Library:

  • Common Components — Include axes for creating plots, and several components that respond to interactions, such as buttons, sliders, drop-down lists, and trees.

  • Containers and Figure Tools — Include panels and tabs for grouping components, as well as menu bars.

  • Instrumentation — Include gauges and lamps for visualizing status, as well as knobs and switches for selecting input parameters.

  • Toolbox Components— Include toolbox authored UI components. Requires additional toolbox license and installation.

To add a component to your app, drag it onto the canvas from the Component Library. Then use the Inspector tab of the Component Browser to modify characteristics of the component, such as the color, font, or text.

Common Components

Containers and Figure Tools

ComponentExampleMore Information
Grid Layout

GridLayout Properties

Panel Properties
Tab Group

TabGroup Properties
Tab Properties
Menu Bar

Menu Properties


ComponentExampleMore Information

Gauge Properties
90 Degree Gauge

NinetyDegreeGauge Properties
Linear Gauge

LinearGauge Properties
Semicircular Gauge

SemicircularGauge Properties

Knob Properties
Discrete Knob

DiscreteKnob Properties

Lamp Properties

Switch Properties
Rocker Switch

RockerSwitch Properties
Toggle Switch

ToggleSwitch Properties

Toolbox Components

App Designer supports Aerospace Toolbox components. For more information, see Flight Instruments (Aerospace Toolbox). To use toolbox components, a valid license and installation of the associated toolbox is required.

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