Pan and Zoom Behavior in Geographic Axes and Charts

The basemap in a geographic axes or chart is live, that is, you can pan the basemap, to view other geographic locations, or zoom in and out on the map to view regions in more detail. The map updates as you pan and zoom. On geographic axes and charts, pan and zoom capabilities are enabled by default.

To pan the basemap in a geographic axes or chart, use the arrow keys or move the cursor over the map and click and drag the basemap. You can pan the map in the horizontal direction continuously—longitude wraps. Panning in the vertical direction stops just beyond 85 degrees, north and south.

To zoom in and out on the map in a geographic axes or chart, you can use the scroll wheel, trackpad, or the Plus and Minus keys on the keyboard. The geographic axes or chart also includes zoom buttons and a Restore view button at the top of the chart. This set of buttons is only visible when you move the cursor anywhere over the map. To return to the original view of the map after panning and zooming, click the Restore View button.

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