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Dataset (H5D)

Multidimensional arrays of data elements and supporting metadata


H5D.closeClose dataset
H5D.createCreate new dataset
H5D.get_access_plistCopy of dataset access property list
H5D.get_create_plistCopy of dataset creation property list
H5D.get_offsetLocation of dataset in file
H5D.get_spaceCopy of dataset data space
H5D.get_space_statusDetermine if space is allocated
H5D.get_storage_sizeDetermine required storage size
H5D.get_typeCopy of datatype
H5D.openOpen specified dataset
H5D.readRead data from HDF5 dataset
H5D.set_extentChange size of dataset dimensions
H5D.vlen_get_buf_sizeDetermine variable length storage requirements
H5D.writeWrite data to HDF5 dataset