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Function Functions

This example shows how to use the output of one MATLAB® function as an input to another. This ability to specify a function's output as an input of another function serves a wide variety of purposes. Here we illustrate its use for finding zeros, optimization, and integration.

The HUMPS Function

A MATLAB function is a file that starts with the keyword function. This is what the function HUMPS looks like:

type humps
function [out1,out2] = humps(x)%HUMPS  A function used by QUADDEMO, ZERODEMO and FPLOTDEMO.%   Y = HUMPS(X) is a function with strong maxima near x = .3%   and x = .9.%%   [X,Y] = HUMPS(X) also returns X.  With no input arguments,%   HUMPS uses X = 0:.05:1.%%   Example:%      plot(humps)%%   See QUADDEMO, ZERODEMO and FPLOTDEMO.%   Copyright 1984-2014 The MathWorks, Inc.if nargin==0   x = 0:.05:1;endy = 1 ./ ((x-.3).^2 + .01) + 1 ./ ((x-.9).^2 + .04) - 6;if nargout==2,   out1 = x;   out2 = y;else   out1 = y;end

Plot of HUMPS

This figure shows a plot of HUMPS in the domain [0,2] using FPLOT.


Zero of HUMPS

The FZERO function finds a zero of a function near an initial estimate. Our initial guess for the zero of HUMPS is 1.

z = fzero(@humps,1,optimset('Display','off'));
hold on;
hold off

Minimum of HUMPS

The FMINBND function finds the minimum of a function in a given domain. Here, we search for a minimum for HUMPS in the domain (0.25, 1).

m = fminbnd(@humps,0.25,1,optimset('Display','off'));     
fplot(@humps,[0 2]);                                      
hold on; 
hold off

Integral of HUMPS

The INTERGRAL function finds the definite integral of HUMPS in a given domain. Here it computes the area in the domain [0.5, 1].

q = integral(@humps,0.5,1);                
title(['Area = ',num2str(q)]);

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