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File (H5F)

HDF5 file access


H5F.closeClose HDF5 file
H5F.createCreate HDF5 file
H5F.flushFlush buffers to disk
H5F.get_access_plistFile access property list
H5F.get_create_plistFile creation property list
H5F.get_filesizeSize of HDF5 file
H5F.get_freespaceAmount of free space in file
H5F.get_infoGlobal information about file
H5F.get_mdc_configMetadata cache configuration
H5F.get_mdc_hit_rateMetadata cache hit-rate
H5F.get_mdc_sizeMetadata cache size data
H5F.get_nameName of HDF5 file
H5F.get_obj_countNumber of open objects in HDF5 file
H5F.get_obj_idsList of open HDF5 file objects
H5F.is_hdf5Determine if file is HDF5
H5F.mountMount HDF5 file onto specified location
H5F.openOpen HDF5 file
H5F.reopenReopen HDF5 file
H5F.set_mdc_configConfigure HDF5 file metadata cache
H5F.unmountUnmount file or group from mount point