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Communicate with HC-06 over Bluetooth

This example shows how to communicate with a HC-06 Bluetooth® module using Serial Port Profile.

Hardware Requirements

  • Windows® 10 or macOS machine with built-in or external Bluetooth 2.0 compatible adapter

  • HC-06 Bluetooth module

  • 5 V source, such as an FTDI converter or Arduino® board

  • A few wires

Hardware Setup

This example uses a HC-06 Bluetooth transceiver module configured as a loopback device. On the HC-06 module:

  • Connect the VCC pin to the 5 V source.

  • Connect the GND pin to the ground.

  • Connect the TXD pin to the RXD pin.

A blinking LED on the HC-06 module indicates that the device is powered. Next, pair the device on the host computer to allow connection in MATLAB®. The default PIN code is 1234 unless configured otherwise.

Get Device Information

Identify the Bluetooth device address or name and SPP channel number by calling the bluetoothlist function. Make sure the device status is "Ready to connect", indicating that it is powered on and paired. If you already know the device information, you can skip this step.

Run blelist to search for nearby Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral devices.
ans=4×4 table
       Name           Address        Channel          Status      
    ___________    ______________    _______    __________________

    "HanaBTDev"    "CC78AB79656F"    Unknown    "Unknown"         
    "EUCLID"       "0016530CE4AC"    Unknown    "Unknown"         
    "HC-06"        "98D331FB3B77"    1          "Ready to connect"
    "DMTDevice"    "B0B448F47A4C"    1          "Requires pairing"

Connect to Device

Use the device address or name and SPP channel number to connect to the device by calling bluetooth. Specify the device name if it is unique or specify the device address.

hc06 = bluetooth("HC-06", 1)
hc06 = 
  bluetooth with properties:

                 Name: "HC-06"
              Address: "98D331FB3B77"
              Channel: 1
    NumBytesAvailable: 0
      NumBytesWritten: 0

  Show all properties

Write and Read Data

After you connect the HC-06 to MATLAB, write byte data or string data to the device by calling write.

write(hc06, 1:10);
write(hc06, "helloworld");

Since the device is configured as a loopback, the data received on the device is immediately returned to MATLAB. Read the data by calling read.

read(hc06, 10)
ans = 1×10

     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10

read(hc06, 10, "string")
ans = 

For information on sending and receiving terminated string data, see readline and writeline.

Collect Data Asynchronously

You can use a callback function to read data as it is written to the Bluetooth device. Call configureCallback to read and collect data each time five bytes are sent by the device and received in MATLAB.

function collectData(src, evt)
    % Read received data and store it in the UserData property on the bluetooth object
    src.UserData = [src.UserData; read(src,src.BytesAvailableFcnCount)];
configureCallback(hc06, "byte", 5, @collectData);

Write data to the device. The data is immediately sent back to MATLAB, triggering the callback function to read and display the data.

write(hc06, 1:20);
% Wait for all callbacks to be processed
     1     2     3     4     5
     6     7     8     9    10
    11    12    13    14    15
    16    17    18    19    20

Disconnect from Device

Clear the device object when you are finished working with it.

clear hc06