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Resolve Errors Reading OPeNDAP Data

When you have trouble reading OPeNDAP data, consider these factors.

  • OPeNDAP data is being pulled over the network from a server on the Internet. Pulling large data could be slow. Speed and reliability depends on their network connection

  • OPeNDAP capability does not support proxy servers or any authentication

  • Failure to open an OPeNDAP link could have multiple causes:

    • Invalid URL

    • Local machine firewall/network firewall does not allow any external connections.

    • Local machine firewall/network firewall does not allow external connections on the OPeNDAP protocol.

    • Remote server is down.

    • Remote server will not serve the amount of data being requested. In this case, you can read data in subsets or chunks.

    • Remote server is incorrectly configured.