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Web Access

RESTful web services, email, FTP

The MATLAB® RESTful web services functions webread, websave, webwrite, and weboptions, allow non-programmers to access many web services using HTTP GET and POST methods. However, some interactions with a web service are more complex and require functionality not supported by the RESTful web services functions. Use the HTTP Interface classes for writing customized web access applications.


web Open web page or file in browser
webread Read content from RESTful web service
webwrite Write data to RESTful web service
websave Save content from RESTful web service to file
weboptions Specify parameters for RESTful web service
sendmail Send email message to address list
ftp Connect to FTP server

Examples and How To

Download Data from Web Service

Download data from a RESTful web service and convert the data into MATLAB variables.

Convert Data from Web Service

Download data from a RESTful web service and specify a MATLAB function as a content reader for the data.

Call Web Services from Functions

Call web services from a function that you write.

Download Web Page and Files

Download the content of a web page as text, or download content to a file.

Send Email

To send an email from MATLAB, use the sendmail function.

Perform FTP File Operations

From MATLAB, you can connect to an FTP server to perform remote file operations.

Display Hyperlinks in the Command Window

When you create a hyperlink to a Web page, append a full hypertext address on a single line as input to the disp or fprintf command.


Web Browsers and MATLAB

Web sites and documents can display in several different browsers from MATLAB.

Web Preferences

Web preferences enable you to specify Internet connection information to MATLAB.

Proxy Server Support

The webread, webwrite, and websave functions support only nonauthenticated and basic authentication types for use with your proxy server.

MATLAB and Web Services Security

This topic describes how MATLAB handles security for web services.

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