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Platform and License

Information about current computer, license, product version


versionVersion number for MATLAB and libraries
verVersion information for MathWorks products
verLessThanCompare toolbox version to specified character vector
licenseGet license number or perform licensing task
ispcDetermine if version is for Windows (PC) platform
ismacDetermine if version is for macOS platform
isunixDetermine if version is for Linux or Mac platforms
isstudentDetermine if version is Student Version
javachkError message based on Java feature support
usejavaDetermine if Java feature is available


Manage Your Licenses

Use the MATLAB® licensing features to perform license management activities, such as activating licenses, deactivating licenses, or updating licenses.

Update an Existing Installation

Update your current MATLAB installation.

Information About Your Installation

MATLAB software can tell you what products are installed, their versions, and other information about your license and platform.

Macintosh Platform Conventions

The documentation typically presents conventions for Microsoft® Windows® platforms. Therefore, some conventions and operations differ on the Macintosh platform from those that appear in the rest of the documentation.