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Access Frequently Used Features

The quick access toolbar provides access to frequently used operations. This toolbar is always visible, even when you navigate between different MATLAB® toolstrip tabs.

You can change the location of the quick access toolbar. On the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Layout, and then select an option for the Quick Access Toolbar. Moving the quick access toolbar is not supported in MATLAB Online™.

To add a toolstrip item to the quick access toolbar, right-click the button, and then select Add to Quick Access Toolbar. You also can select from a list of common items by going to the quick access toolbar and clicking the button. To remove an item from the quick access toolbar, right-click the item icon and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar. To arrange buttons in the quick access toolbar, drag the button icon to the desired location.

To further configure the quick access toolbar, follow these steps:

  1. On the quick access toolbar, click the button and select Customize Toolbar. The MATLAB Toolbars Preference panel open.

  2. In the Controls list, select or clear the check box for controls that you want to display or remove from the toolbar, respectively.

  3. Under Layout, rearrange the controls and separator bars on the selected toolbar, by doing either of the following:

    • Drag the icon for a control or separator bar to another position.

    • Select a Layout icon, and then click one of the Layout buttons below the layout icons.

      For instance, to move the MATLAB desktop Cut icon to the beginning of the toolbar, select the Cut icon , and then click .

  4. Click Apply or OK.

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