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Call User Script and Function from Python

This example shows how to call a MATLAB® script to compute the area of a triangle from Python®.

In your current folder, create a MATLAB script in a file named triarea.m.

b = 5;
h = 3;
a = 0.5*(b.* h)

After you save the file, start Python and call the script.

import matlab.engine
eng = matlab.engine.start_matlab()
a =


Specify nargout=0. Although the script prints output, it returns no output arguments to Python.

Convert the script to a function and call the function from the engine. To edit the file, open the MATLAB editor.


Delete the three statements. Then add a function declaration and save the file.

function a = triarea(b,h)
a = 0.5*(b.* h);

Call the new triarea function from the engine.

ret = eng.triarea(1.0,5.0)

The triarea function returns only one output argument, so there is no need to specify nargout.

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