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Getting Started with Java Libraries

From MATLAB®, you can:

  • Access Java® class packages that support activities such as I/O and networking.

  • Access third-party Java classes.

  • Construct Java objects in MATLAB workspace.

  • Call Java object methods, using either Java or MATLAB syntax.

  • Pass data between MATLAB variables and Java objects.

Platform Support for JVM Software

Every installation of MATLAB includes Java Virtual Machine (JVM™) software. To create and run programs that access Java objects, use the Java interpreter via MATLAB commands.

To find out which version of JVM software MATLAB uses on your platform, type the following at the MATLAB prompt:

version -java

For information about JVM support, see MATLAB Supported Language Interfaces.

Learn More About Java Programming Language

For a complete description of the Java language and for guidance in object-oriented software design and programming, consult outside resources. One resource is the help documentation on the website.

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