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Total number of values written to the device


ValuesSent indicates the total number of values written to the device. The value is updated after each successful write operation, and is set to 0 after the fopen function is issued. If you are writing the terminator, ValuesSent reflects this value.

If you are writing data asynchronously, use the BytesToOutput property to return the number of bytes currently in the output buffer.

When performing a write operation, the transmitted data is represented by values rather than bytes. A value consists of one or more bytes. For example, one uint32 value consists of four bytes. For more information about bytes and values, see Bytes Versus Values.


Read only


Data type



The default value is 0.


Suppose you create a serial port object associated with the serial port COM1.

s = serial('COM1');

If you write the *IDN? command using the fprintf function, ValuesSent is 6 because the default data format is %s\n, and the terminator was written.

ans =