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Pilot the Parrot drone

Create a Parrot object using parrot before you use functions to pilot the Parrot® drone using MATLAB® commands.


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takeoffInitiate Parrot drone takeoff
landLand Parrot drone
abortEnd flight of Parrot drone
flipFlip Parrot drone in specified direction
moveMove Parrot drone in all six directions
movebackMove Ryze drone backwards (Since R2020a)
movedownMove Ryze drone down (Since R2020a)
moveforwardMove Ryze drone forward (Since R2020a)
moveleftMove Ryze drone left (Since R2020a)
moverightMove Ryze drone right (Since R2020a)
moveupMove Ryze drone upwards (Since R2020a)
turnTurn Parrot drone at specified angle


Troubleshooting Connection Issues Post Flight Crash

An advanced maneuver like flip can lead to a flight crash if the drone battery is low or if the ground clearance is not enough for completing the flip.

Troubleshooting Low Battery Warning

The low-battery warning indicates that the drone battery must be replaced.