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Inverse hyperbolic cotangent


Y = acoth(X)


Y = acoth(X) returns the inverse hyperbolic cotangent for each element of X.

The acoth function operates element-wise on arrays. The function's domains and ranges include complex values. All angles are in radians.


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Graph of Inverse Hyperbolic Cotangent Function

Graph the inverse hyperbolic cotangent function over the domains $-30 \le x < -1$ and $1 < x \le 30$.

x1 = -30:0.1:-1.1;
x2 = 1.1:0.1:30;
plot(x1,acoth(x1),x2,acoth(x2)), grid on

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Inverse Hyperbolic Cotangent

The inverse hyperbolic cotangent can be defined as


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Introduced before R2006a

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