Add event to timeseries object


ts = addevent(ts,e)
ts = addevent(ts,Name,Time)


ts = addevent(ts,e) adds one or more tsdata.event objects, e, to the timeseries object ts. e is either a single tsdata.event object or an array of tsdata.event objects.

ts = addevent(ts,Name,Time) constructs one or more tsdata.event objects and adds them to the Events property of ts. Name is a cell array of event name strings. Time is a cell array of event times.


Create a time-series object and add an event to this object.

%% Import the sample data
load count.dat

%% Create time-series object
count1=timeseries(count(:,1),1:24,'name', 'data');

%% Modify the time units to be 'hours' ('seconds' is default)
count1.TimeInfo.Units = 'hours';

%% Construct and add the first event at 8 AM
e1 = tsdata.event('AMCommute',8);

%% Specify the time units of the time
e1.Units = 'hours';

View the properties (EventData, Name, Time, Units, and StartDate) of the event object.


MATLAB® software responds with

    EventData: []
         Name: 'AMCommute'
         Time: 8
        Units: 'hours'
    StartDate: ''
%% Add the event to count1
count1 = addevent(count1,e1);

An alternative syntax for adding two events to the time series count1 is as follows:

count1 = addevent(count1,{'AMCommute' 'PMCommute'},{8 18})

Introduced before R2006a

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