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Logarithm of beta function


L = betaln(Z,W)


L = betaln(Z,W) computes the natural logarithm of the beta function log(beta(Z,W)), for corresponding elements of arrays Z and W, without computing beta(Z,W). Since the beta function can range over very large or very small values, its logarithm is sometimes more useful.

Z and W must be real and nonnegative. They must be the same size, or either can be scalar.


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Compute Natural Log of Beta Function

Compute the natural logarithm of the beta function according to the value of X without directly computing the beta function. beta(X,X) results in floating point arithmetic underflow.

X = 510;
ans =


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betaln(z,w) = gammaln(z)+gammaln(w)-gammaln(z+w)

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Introduced before R2006a

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