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Set or query camera up vector




camup returns the camera up vector setting in the current axes. The camera up vector specifies the direction that is oriented up in the scene.

camup([up_vector]) sets the up vector in the current axes to the specified value. Specify the up vector as x, y, and z components.

camup('mode') returns the current value of the camera up vector mode, which can be either auto (default) or manual.

camup('auto') sets the camera up vector mode to auto. In auto mode, [0 1 0] is the up vector of for 2-D views. This means the y-axis points up. For 3-D views, the up vector is [0 0 1], meaning the z-axis points up.

camup('manual') sets the camera up vector mode to manual. In manual mode, the value of the camera up vector does not change unless you set it.

camup(axes_handle,...) performs the set or query on the axes identified by the first argument, axes_handle. When you do not specify an axes handle, camup operates on the current axes.


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Set the x-axis to be the up axis.

camup([1 0 0]);

Introduced before R2006a