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Access COM components and ActiveX controls from MATLAB


A Component Object Model (COM) object


To create a COM object, call one of the following functions.

Object Functions

addpropertyAdd custom property to COM object
deletepropertyRemove custom property from COM object
events (COM)List of events COM object can trigger
interfacesList custom interfaces exposed by COM server object
invokeInvoke method on COM object or interface, or display methods
load (COM)Initialize control object from file
moveMove or resize control in parent window
propedit (COM)Open built-in property page for control
releaseRelease resources and allow changes to System object property values and input characteristics
save (COM)Serialize control object to file

You also can use these MATLAB® functions with COM objects.

deleteDelete files or objects
getQuery graphics object properties
ispropDetermine if property of object
ismethodDetermine if method of object
fieldnamesField names of structure, or public fields of COM or Java object
inspectOpen Property Inspector
methodsClass method names
methodsviewView class methods
setSet graphics object properties

Introduced before R2006a

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