Execute one or more lines from current breakpoint


dbstep nlines
dbstep in
dbstep out


This function allows you to debug a MATLAB® code file by following its execution from the current breakpoint. At a breakpoint, the dbstep function steps through execution of the current file one line at a time or at the rate specified by nlines.

dbstep executes the next executable line of the current file. dbstep steps over the current line, skipping any breakpoints set in functions called by that line.

dbstep nlines executes the specified number of executable lines.

dbstep in steps to the next executable line. If that line contains a call to another MATLAB code file function, execution will step to the first executable line of the called function. If there is no call to a MATLAB code file on that line, dbstep in is the same as dbstep.

dbstep out runs the rest of the function and stops just after leaving the function.

For all forms, MATLAB software also stops execution at any breakpoint it encounters.

    Note   If you want to edit a file as a result of debugging, it is best to first quit debug mode and then edit and save changes to the file. If you edit a file while paused in debug mode, you can get unexpected results when you resume execution of the file and the results might not be reliable.

Introduced before R2006a

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