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Remove tsdata.event objects from timeseries object


ts = delevent(ts,event)
ts = delevent(ts,events)
ts = delevent(ts,event,n)


ts = delevent(ts,event) removes the tsdata.event object from the property, where event is an event name string.

ts = delevent(ts,events) removes the tsdata.event object from the property, where events is a cell array of event name strings.

ts = delevent(ts,event,n) removes the nth tsdata.event object from the property. event is the name of the tsdata.event object.


The following example shows how to remove an event from a timeseries object:

  1. Create a time series.

    ts = timeseries(rand(5,4))
  2. Create an event object called 'test' such that the event occurs at time 3.

    e = tsdata.event('test',3)
  3. Add the event object to the time series ts.

    ts = addevent(ts,e)
  4. Remove the event object from the time series ts.

    ts = delevent(ts,'test')

Introduced before R2006a

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