List dependent folders for function or P-file

    Note:   depdir has been removed. Use matlab.codetools.requiredFilesAndProducts instead. However, matlab.codetools.requiredFilesAndProducts returns the full path of a required file, including the file name.


list = depdir('file_name')
[list, prob_files, prob_sym, prob_strings] = depdir('file_name')
[...] = depdir('file_name1', 'file_name2',...)


The depdir function lists the folders of all the functions that a specified function or P-file needs to operate. This function is useful for finding all the folders that need to be included with a run-time application and for determining the run-time path.

list = depdir('file_name') creates a cell array of strings containing the folders of all the function and P-files that file_name.m or file_name.p uses. This includes the second-level files that are called directly by file_name, as well as the third-level files that are called by the second-level files, and so on.

[list, prob_files, prob_sym, prob_strings] = depdir('file_name') creates three additional cell arrays containing information about any problems with the depdir search. prob_files contains filenames that depdir was unable to parse. prob_sym contains symbols that depdir was unable to find. prob_strings contains callback strings that depdir was unable to parse.

[...] = depdir('file_name1', 'file_name2',...) performs the same operation for multiple files. The dependent folders of all files are listed together in the output cell arrays.


list = depdir('mesh')

Introduced before R2006a

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