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docsearch opens the Help browser and displays the documentation home page. If the Help browser is already open, but not visible, then docsearch brings it to the foreground.


docsearch expression searches MathWorks® documentation for pages with words that match the specified expression and highlights them. To clear highlighting, press the Esc key. The docsearch command does not search third-party or custom documentation.


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Single Words

Find all documentation pages that contain the word plot.

docsearch plot

Multiple Words

Find documentation pages with the words plot and tools.

docsearch plot tools

Expand the search to include variations of the word plot, such as plotting or plots, using a wildcard character.

docsearch plot* tools

Narrow the search to pages that include an exact phrase by enclosing the phrase in quotation marks.

docsearch "plot tools"

Find pages with either word, but not necessarily both words, using the OR operator.

docsearch plot OR tools

Input Arguments

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expression — Expression that defines search termsstring

Expression that defines search terms, specified as a string. Expressions can include:

  • Quotation marks to specify exact phrases, such as "plot tools".

  • Boolean operator keywords in uppercase (listed here in order of precedence): NOT, OR, AND.

  • Asterisk (*) wildcard characters, except at the beginning of a word or in an exact phrase. Searches require that at least two characters in the expression are not wildcard characters.

More About

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  • To access third-party or custom documentation, open the Help browser and navigate to the documentation home page. Then, at the bottom of the page, click Supplemental Software.

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Introduced before R2006a

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