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Generate path name


  • p = genpath
  • p = genpath(folderName)


p = genpath returns a path name, p, that includes all the folders and subfolders below matlabroot/toolbox, including empty subfolders.


p = genpath(folderName) returns a path name that includes folderName and multiple levels of subfolders below folderName. The path name does not include folders named private, folders that begin with the @ character (class folders), folders that begin with the + character (package folders), or subfolders within any of these.


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Use genpath in conjunction with addpath to add a folder and its subfolders to the search path.

Create a folder myfolder containing a subfolder mysubfolder.

mkdir myfolder;
cd myfolder;
mkdir mysubfolder;
cd ..

Generate a path that includes myfolder and all folders below it.

p = genpath('myfolder')
p =


Add the folder and its subfolders to the search path.


Input Arguments

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Folder name, specified as a character vector.

Example: 'c:/matlab/myfiles'

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Introduced before R2006a

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