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Number of inputs required to call the System object


num = getNumInputs(obj)



num = getNumInputs(obj) returns an integer, num, representing the number of inputs (not counting the object itself) that you must use when calling the object. This value changes when you alter properties that turn inputs on or off.

If the object is a source object, num equals zero.


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Create a Counter object and set a property.

obj = Counter;
obj.UseIncrement = false
obj = 
  Counter with properties:

    UseIncrement: false
    UseWrapValue: true
      StartValue: 1
       Increment: 1
       WrapValue: 10

Query the number of inputs and outputs needed to call the object.

in = getNumInputs(obj)
in = 1
out = getNumOutputs(obj)
out = 1

Input Arguments

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System object to query for the number of inputs.

Output Arguments

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The number of inputs required to call the object, returned as an integer.

Extended Capabilities

Introduced in R2010a