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Neighbors of graph node


N = neighbors(G,nodeID)



N = neighbors(G,nodeID) returns the node IDs of all nodes connected by an edge to the node specified by nodeID.


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Create and plot a graph, and then determine the neighbors of node 10.

G = graph(bucky);

N = neighbors(G,10)
N = 


Input Arguments

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Input graph, specified as a graph object. Use graph to create an undirected graph object.

Example: G = graph(1,2)

Node identifier, specified as a scalar node index or character vector node name.

Example: N = neighbors(G,3)

Example: N = neighbors(G,'A')

Output Arguments

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Neighboring nodes, returned as a column vector of node indices. A node that is connected to itself by an edge (a self-loop) is listed as its own neighbor twice, and the self-loop adds 2 to the total degree of the node.

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Introduced in R2015b

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