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Iterate on scales attached to dataset dimension


[status,idx_out,opdata_out] = H5DS.iterate_scales(dset_id,dim,idx_in,iter_func,opdata_in)


[status,idx_out,opdata_out] = H5DS.iterate_scales(dset_id,dim,idx_in,iter_func,opdata_in) iterates over the scales attached to dimension dim of the dataset dset_id to perform a common operation whose function handle is iter_func.

idx_in specifies the starting point of the iteration. idx_out returns the point at which iteration was stopped. This allows an interrupted iteration to be resumed. If idx_in is [], then the iterator starts at the first member.

The callback function iter_func must have the following signature:

function [status,opdata_out] = iter_func(dset_id,dim,dimscale_id,opdata_in)

opdata_in is a user-defined value or structure and is passed to the first step of the iteration in the iter_func opdata_in parameter. The opdata_out of an iteration step forms the opdata_in for the next iteration step. The final opdata_out at the end of the iteration is then returned to the caller as opdata_out.

dimscale_id specifies the current dimension scale dataset identifier and dim is the associated dimension.

status value returned by iter_func is interpreted as follows:

zeroContinues with the iteration or returns zero status value to the caller if all members have been processed
positiveStops the iteration and returns the positive status value to the caller
negativeStops the iteration and throws an error indicating failure