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Create group


group_id = H5G.create(loc_id,name,size_hint)
group_id = H5G.create(loc_id,name,lcpl_id,gcpl_id,gapl_id)


group_id = H5G.create(loc_id,name,size_hint) creates a new group with the name specified by name at the location specified by loc_id. loc_id can be a file or group identifier. size_hint specifies the number of bytes to reserve for the names that will appear in the group. This interface corresponds to the 1.6 version of H5Gcreate.

group_id = H5G.create(loc_id,name,lcpl_id,gcpl_id,gapl_id) creates a new group with link creation, group creation, and group access property lists lcpl_id, gcpl_id, and gapl_id. This interface corresponds to the 1.8 version of H5Gcreate.


Create an HDF5 file 'myfile.h5' with a group 'my_group' with default property list settings.

fid = H5F.create('myfile.h5');
plist = 'H5P_DEFAULT';
gid = H5G.create(fid,'my_group',plist,plist,plist);

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