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Create soft link to external object




H5L.create_external(filename,objname,link_loc_id,link_name,lcpl_id,lapl_id) creates a soft link to an object in a different file. filename identifies the target file containing the target object. obj_name specifies the path to the target object within that file. obj_name must start at the target file's root group but is not interpreted until lookup time.

link_loc_id and link_name specify the location and name, respectively, of the new link. link_name is interpreted relative to link_loc_id.

lcpl_id and lapl_id are the link creation and access property lists associated with the new link.


plist_id = 'H5P_DEFAULT';
fid1 = H5F.create('myfile1.h5');
g1 = H5G.create(fid1,'g1',plist_id,plist_id,plist_id);
fid2 = H5F.create('myfile2.h5');