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Value corresponding to a string


value = H5ML.get_constant_value(constant)


value = H5ML.get_constant_value(constant) returns the numerical value corresponding to a given HDF5 enumeration or identifier. constant is specified as a character vector or string scalar that contains an enumeration (for example, 'H5_ENUM_T') or a predefined identifier (for example, 'H5T_NATIVE_INT'). Since the value corresponding to a given identifier is not guaranteed to remain the same, it is almost always preferable to use the H5ML.compare_values() function instead.

Function parameters:

valueThe numerical value corresponding to the supplied HDF5 enumeration or identifier.
constantA character vector or string scalar containing a HDF5 enumeration or defined value.


a = H5ML.get_constant_value('H5T_NATIVE_INT');