Element points in data space selection


points = H5S.get_select_elem_pointlist(space_id,startpoint,numpoints)


points = H5S.get_select_elem_pointlist(space_id,startpoint,numpoints) returns the list of element points in the current data space selection. startpoint specifies the element point to start with and numpoints specifies the total number of points.

points is a two-dimensional array of 0-based values specifying the coordinates of the elements. If m is the rank of the dataspace, then points will have size [m x numpoints].

    Note:   The ordering of the coordinate points is the same as the HDF5 library C API.


Determine the first two points in the current selection.

dims = [100 200];
h5_dims = fliplr(dims);
space_id = H5S.create_simple(2,h5_dims,h5_dims);
coords = [0 0; 0 199; 99 0; 99 199];
coords = fliplr(coords);
coords = coords';
points = H5S.get_select_elem_pointlist(space_id,0,2);
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