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Set offset of simple data space




H5S.offset_simple(space_id,offset) specifies the offset of the simple data space specified by space_id. This function allows the same shaped selection to be moved to different locations within a data space without requiring it to be redefined.


The HDF5 library uses C-style ordering for multidimensional arrays, while MATLAB® uses FORTRAN-style ordering. The h5_start, h5_stride, h5_count and h5_block parameters assume C-style ordering. Please consult "Using the MATLAB Low-Level HDF5 Functions" in the MATLAB documentation for more information.


dims = [100 200];
h5_dims = fliplr(dims);
space_id = H5S.create_simple(2,h5_dims,h5_dims);
start = fliplr([10 20]); block = fliplr([20 30]);
offset = fliplr([3 5]);
[start,finish] = H5S.get_select_bounds(space_id);
start = fliplr(start);
finish = fliplr(finish);