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Array dimension extents


dimsizes = H5T.get_array_dims(type_id)
[ndims,dimsizes,perm] = H5T.get_array_dims(type_id)


dimsizes = H5T.get_array_dims(type_id) returns the sizes of the dimensions and the dimension permutations of the specified array data type object. This interface corresponds to the 1.8 version of H5Tget_array_dims.

[ndims,dimsizes,perm] = H5T.get_array_dims(type_id) corresponds to the 1.6 version of the interface. It is strongly deprecated.

    Note:   The HDF5 library uses C-style ordering for multidimensional arrays, while MATLAB® uses FORTRAN-style ordering. Please consult "Using the MATLAB Low-Level HDF5 Functions" in the MATLAB documentation for more information.


fid ='example.h5');
dset_id =,'/g3/array2D');
type_id = H5D.get_type(dset_id);
h5_dims = H5T.get_array_dims(type_id);
dims = fliplr(h5_dims);
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