findprop (handle)

Find object associated with property name


p = findprop(h,'Name')


p = findprop(h,'Name') returns the object associated with the property Name of the object h. Name can be a property defined by the class of h or a dynamic property defined only for the object h.


Use findprop to view property attribute settings:


ans = 

 property with properties:

                Name: 'Count'
         Description: 'Number of pairs in the collection'
 DetailedDescription: ''
           GetAccess: 'public'
           SetAccess: 'private'
           Dependent: 1
            Constant: 0
            Abstract: 0
           Transient: 1
              Hidden: 0
       GetObservable: 0
       SetObservable: 0
            AbortSet: 0
           GetMethod: []
           SetMethod: []
       DefiningClass: [1x1 meta.class]
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