notify (handle)

Notify listeners that event is occurring




notify(Hobj,'EventName') notifies listeners that the specified event is taking place on the specified handle objects.

notify(Hobj,'EventName',evtData) includes user-defined event data.

Input Arguments


Array of handle objects triggering the specified event.


Name of the event.


An event.EventData object encapsulating information about the event. When you trigger an event using notify, MATLAB® assigns values to the properties of the event.EventData object that is passed to the listener callback function.

Listener callbacks should not reuse the same event data object in subsequent calls to notify. Always create a new event data object to pass to notify.

You can define custom event data by subclassing event.EventData and passing an instance of your subclass as the data argument. See Defining Event-Specific Data for information on defining event data.

See Also

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