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Invoke method on COM object or interface, or display methods


S = invoke(h)
S = invoke(h,'methodname')
S = invoke(h,'methodname',arg1,arg2,...)
S = invoke(h,'custominterfacename')


S = invoke(h) returns structure array, S, containing a list of all methods supported by the object or interface, h, along with the prototypes for these methods. If S is empty, either there are no properties or methods in the object, or MATLAB® cannot read the object type library. Refer to the COM vendor documentation.

S = invoke(h,'methodname') invokes the method specified by methodname, and returns an output value, if any, in S. The data type of the return value depends on the invoked method, which is determined by the control or server.

S = invoke(h,'methodname',arg1,arg2,...) invokes the method specified by methodname with input arguments arg1,arg2,....

S = invoke(h,'custominterfacename') returns an Interface object S, which is a handle to a custom interface implemented by the COM component. The h argument is a handle to the COM object. The custominterfacename argument is returned by the interfaces function.

If the method returns a COM interface, then the invoke function returns a new MATLAB COM object that represents the interface returned. For a description of how MATLAB converts COM types, see Handle COM Data in MATLAB.

COM functions are available on Microsoft® Windows® systems only.


Invoke the Redraw method in the mwsamp control.

f = figure('position',[100 200 200 200]);
h = actxcontrol('mwsamp.mwsampctrl.1',[0 0 200 200],f);
h.Radius = 100;

Alternatively, call the method directly.


Display all mwsamp methods.

ans = 
   AboutBox = void AboutBox(handle)
   Beep = void Beep(handle)
   FireClickEvent = void FireClickEvent(handle)

Getting a Custom Interface Example

Once you have created a COM server, you can query the server component to see if any custom interfaces are implemented. Use the interfaces function to return a list of all available custom interfaces:

h = actxserver('mytestenv.calculator');
customlist = interfaces(h)
customlist =

To get a handle to the custom interface you want, use the invoke function.

c1 = invoke(h,'ICalc1')
c1 =

Use this handle with COM client functions to access the properties and methods of the object through the selected custom interface.

Introduced before R2006a

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