Determine if property of object


tf = isprop(obj,'PropertyName')


tf = isprop(obj,'PropertyName') returns true if the specified PropertyName is a property of object obj. Otherwise, isprop returns logical false.

If obj is an array, isprop returns a logical array the same size as obj. Each true element of tf corresponds to an element of obj that has the property, PropertyName.

    Note:   If obj is an empty object or an array of empty objects, isprop returns an empty logical array, even if PropertyName is a property of obj.

While isprop returns true if the class of an object defines a property of that name, classes can control access to property values by defining property attributes. Property access can be defined as:

  • Readable and writable

  • Read only

  • Write only

  • Accessible only to certain class methods

Therefore, isprop might indicate that a property exists, but you might not be able to access that property. For more information, see Get Information About Properties.


This example uses isprop to determine if XDataSource is a property of object h before attempting to set the property value:

h = plot(1:10);
if isprop(h,'XDataSource')
   error(['XDataSource not a property of class ',class(h)])

Since XDataSource is a property of h, its value is set to 'x'.

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Introduced before R2006a

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