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Error message based on Java feature support




MSG = javachk(feature) returns a generic error message if the specified Java® feature is not available in the current MATLAB® session.


javachk(feature,component) also names the specified component in the error message.


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Generate Error

if isempty(javachk('jvm'))
   scalar = java.lang.Double(5);
% Check that JVM is available & JavaFigures are supported

Generate Error in User-Defined Script

If you write a script, myFile, that displays a Java Frame and want it to error gracefully if a frame cannot be displayed, do the following:

myFrame = java.awt.Frame;

If the script cannot display a frame, it displays this error:

myFile is not supported on this platform.

Input Arguments

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feature — Java feature'awt' | 'desktop' | 'jvm' | 'swing'

Java feature, specified as one of these values:


UI components in the Java Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) are available.


MATLAB interactive desktop is running.


Java Virtual Machine software (JVM™) is running.


Swing components (Java lightweight UI components in the Java Foundation Classes) are available.

component — Identifiercharacter vector

Identifier, specified as a character vector, to display in the error message.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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MSG — Error messagestructure

Error message, returned as a structure with these fields:

If it is available, javachk returns an error structure with empty message and identifier fields.

message — Messagecharacter vector | empty

Message, specified as a character vector.

identifier — Identifiercharacter vector | empty

Identifier, specified as a character vector.

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Introduced before R2006a

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