Call Java method


  • javaMethod(MethodName,JavaObj,x1,...,xN)
  • javaMethod(StaticMethodName,ClassName,x1,...,xN)



javaMethod(MethodName,JavaObj,x1,...,xN) calls the method in the class of the Java® object array with the signature matching the arguments x1,...,xN.


javaMethod(StaticMethodName,ClassName,x1,...,xN) calls the static method in class ClassName.


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Call Method on Java Object

Create a java.util.Date object, myDate, and change the month to 3.

myDate = java.util.Date;

Call Static Method

Call java.lang.Double static method, isNaN, to test variable num.

num = 2.2;
if javaMethod('isNaN','java.lang.Double',num)
    disp('This is not a number')

Since num contains a number, no message is displayed.

Call Method Specified at Runtime

This example, searching for a text pattern in a string, uses variables for the pattern and for the search method. These variables could be set at runtime from user input.

Choose method, startsWith, and identify pattern, str.

fnc = 'startsWith';
str = java.lang.String('Four score');

Identify text to search.

gAddress = java.lang.String('Four score and seven years ago');

Search gAddress.

ans =

gAddress starts with the words Four score.

Input Arguments

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MethodName — Name of nonstatic Java methodstring

Name of nonstatic Java method, specified as a string.

Data Types: char

JavaObj — ArrayJava object

Array, specified as a Java object of the class containing the method.

x1,...,xN — Java method input argumentsany type

Java method input arguments, 1 through N (if any), required by MethodName or StaticMethodName, specified by any type. The argument type is specified by the method argument list.

StaticMethodName — Name of static Java methodstring

Name of static Java method, specified as a string.

Data Types: char

ClassName — Name of Java classstring

Name of Java class, specified as a string, containing StaticMethodName.

Data Types: char

More About

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  • In most cases, use either MATLAB® or Java syntax to call methods on Java objects:

    % MATLAB syntax
    /* Java syntax */
  • Use javaMethod to call methods having names that exceed the maximum length of a MATLAB identifier. (Call the namelengthmax function to obtain the maximum identifier length.)

    This is the only way you can call such a method in MATLAB. For example, if you have the following function:

  • Use javaMethod when you want to specify the method name as a variable, to be invoked at runtime. When calling a static method, you also can use a variable in place of the class name argument. For example, see Call Method Specified at Runtime.

Introduced before R2006a

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