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Create or modify app project file for packaging app into .mlappinstall file using interactive dialog box




matlab.apputil.create opens the Package App dialog box that steps you through the process of creating an .mlappinstall file.


matlab.apputil.create(prjfile) loads the specified .prj file and populates the Package App dialog box with the information from the specified project file. Use this option if you need to update an existing app.


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Open Dialog Box for Creating an App Package


Minimally, add a main file, specify an app name, and indicate the required products. MATLAB® creates and continuously saves a .prj file, regardless of whether you click Package. However, MATLAB does not create a .mlappinstall file if you do not click Package.

Update Existing App Package

Assume you have an existing project file, myapp.prj. You want to add a file and update the description.

Open the Package App dialog box, specifying the previously created .prj file:


The dialog box opens populated with the data you previously specified for myapp. Adjust the information in the dialog box, as needed.

Input Arguments

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prjfile — Full or partial path to the .prj file string

Full or partial path to the .prj file you created previously with the Package App dialog box, specified as a string

Example: 'C:\myapp.prj'

Introduced in R2012b

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