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Class: matlab.metadata.Class
Namespace: matlab.metadata

Return matlab.metadata.Class object that describes named class

Renamed from meta.class.fromName in R2024a


mcls = matlab.metadata.Class.fromName(className) returns the matlab.metadata.Class object that describes the specified class.

Input Arguments

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Class name, specified as a character vector or string scalar.



To learn about attributes of methods, see Method Attributes.


Retrieve matlab.metadata.Class Object

Retrieve a matlab.metadata.Class object describing the duration class.

md = matlab.metadata.Class.fromName("duration")
  md = 

  Class with properties:

                    Name: 'duration'
             Description: 'Arrays to represent lengths of time in fixed-length time units.'
     DetailedDescription: '   duration arrays store values to represent lengths of time...'
                  Hidden: 0
                  Sealed: 1
                Abstract: 0
             Enumeration: 0
         ConstructOnLoad: 0
        HandleCompatible: 0
         InferiorClasses: [1×1]
               Namespace: [0×0 matlab.metadata.Namespace]
                 Aliases: [0×1 string]
    RestrictsSubclassing: 1
            PropertyList: [6×1 matlab.metadata.Property]
              MethodList: [150×1 matlab.metadata.Method]
               EventList: [0×1 matlab.metadata.Event]
   EnumerationMemberList: [0×1 matlab.metadata.EnumerationMember]
          SuperclassList: [3×1 matlab.metadata.Class]

Version History

Introduced in R2008a

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