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Results in HTTP log record


The Disposition enumeration class provides results in an HTTP log record.

Enumeration Member NameDescription

An error occurred sending or receiving the message. The LogRecord.Exception property contains the exception that occurred.

If the error occurred sending the request, LogRecord.Request contains the completed RequestMessage object and the LogRecord.Response property is empty.

If the error occurred receiving the response, LogRecord.Response might be empty if complete headers were not received. If headers were received but the payload could not be read, the ResponseMessage object contains only the headers.


A request and response were successfully sent and received. Done indicates the log record contains both the RequestMessage and ResponseMessage. It does not imply anything about the StatusCode in the response.


An error occurred converting the data of the response. The request was received, but there was an error trying to convert the payload of the response. This condition indicates that the MessageBody.Payload property of LogRecord.Response contains the raw payload and the Data property is empty. The LogRecord.Exception property contains the exception.

Introduced in R2016b

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