matlab.unittest.TestRunner class

Package: matlab.unittest

Class for running tests in matlab.unittest framework


The matlab.unittest.TestRunner class is the fundamental API used to run a suite of tests in the matlab.unittest framework. It runs and operates on TestSuite arrays. Use this class to customize running tests.

The TestRunner class is a sealed class; you cannot derive classes from the TestRunner class.


To create a simple, silent TestRunner object, call the static withNoPlugins method.

runner = matlab.unittest.TestRunner.withNoPlugins

To create a TestRunner object to run tests from the MATLAB® Command Window , call the static withTextOutput method.

runner = matlab.unittest.TestRunner.withTextOutput

To create a customized TestRunner object, call the addPlugin method.

runner = TestRunner.withNoPlugins;


addPluginAdd plugin to TestRunner object
runRun all tests in TestSuite array
withNoPluginsCreate simplest runner possible
withTextOutputCreate TestRunner object for command window output


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Create TestRunner Object Configured for Text Output

Add matlab.unittest classes to the current import list.

import matlab.unittest.TestRunner;
import matlab.unittest.TestSuite;

Create a TestSuite array.

suite = TestSuite.fromClass(?mypackage.MyTestClass);

Create the TestRunner object and run the suite.

runner = TestRunner.withTextOutput;
result = run(runner,suite);

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