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Obtain meta.class object


mc = metaclass(object)
mc = ?ClassName


mc = metaclass(object) returns the meta.class object for the class of object. The object input argument can be a scalar or an array of objects. However, metaclass always returns a scalar meta.class object.

mc = ?ClassName returns the meta.class object for the class with name, ClassName. The ? operator works only with a class name, not an object.

If you pass a class name as a char vector to the metaclass function, it returns the meta.class object for the char class. Use the ? operator or the meta.class.fromName method to obtain the meta.class object from a class name. Use this method if you want to pass the class name in a char variable.


Return the meta.class object for an instance of the MException class:

obj = MException('Msg:ID','MsgTxt');
mc = metaclass(obj);

Use the ? operator to get the meta.class object for the matlab.mixin.SetGet class:

mc = ?matlab.mixin.SetGet;