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m = minute(t)



m = minute(t) returns the minute numbers of the datetime values in t. The m output is a double array the same size as t and contains integer values from 0 to 59.

The minute function returns the minute numbers of datetime values. To assign minute values to a datetime array, t, use t.Minute and modify the Minute property.


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t1 = datetime('now');
t = t1 + minutes(2:4)
t = 1x3 datetime array
   19-Sep-2017 19:09:59   19-Sep-2017 19:10:59   19-Sep-2017 19:11:59

m = minute(t)
m = 

     9    10    11

Input Arguments

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Input date and time, specified as a datetime array.

Extended Capabilities

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Introduced in R2014b

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