Summary of functions in MATLAB .NET interface


Use the following functions to bring assemblies from the Microsoft® .NET Framework into the MATLAB® environment. The functions are implemented as a package called NET. To use these functions, prefix the function name with package name NET.

BeginInvokeInitiate asynchronous .NET delegate call
CombineConvenience function for static .NET System.Delegate Combine method
EndInvokeRetrieve result of asynchronous call initiated by .NET System.Delegate BeginInvoke method
NET.AssemblyMembers of .NET assembly
NET.GenericClassRepresent parameterized generic type definitions
NET.NetExceptionCapture error information for .NET exception
NET.addAssemblyMake .NET assembly visible to MATLAB
NET.convertArrayConvert numeric MATLAB array to .NET array
NET.createArrayArray for nonprimitive .NET types
NET.createGenericCreate instance of specialized .NET generic type
NET.disableAutoReleaseLock .NET object representing a RunTime Callable Wrapper (COM Wrapper) so that MATLAB does not release COM object
NET.enableAutoReleaseUnlock .NET object representing a RunTime Callable Wrapper (COM Wrapper) so that MATLAB releases COM object
NET.invokeGenericMethodInvoke generic method of object
NET.isNETSupportedCheck for supported Microsoft .NET Framework
NET.setStaticPropertyStatic property or field name
RemoveConvenience function for static .NET System.Delegate Remove method
RemoveAllConvenience function for static .NET System.Delegate RemoveAll method
enableNETfromNetworkDriveEnable access to .NET commands from network drive

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