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Area of polygon


A = polyarea(X,Y)
A = polyarea(X,Y,dim)


A = polyarea(X,Y) returns the area of the polygon specified by the vertices in the vectors X and Y.

If X and Y are matrices of the same size, then polyarea returns the area of polygons defined by the columns X and Y.

If X and Y are multidimensional arrays, polyarea returns the area of the polygons in the first nonsingleton dimension of X and Y.

A = polyarea(X,Y,dim) operates along the dimension specified by scalar dim.


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Find Area of Polygon

L = linspace(0,2.*pi,9);
xv = 1.2*cos(L)';
yv = 1.2*sin(L)';

xv = [xv ; xv(1)];
yv = [yv ; yv(1)];

A = polyarea(xv,yv)
A =


title(['Area = ' num2str(A)])
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Introduced before R2006a

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