Polynomial derivative


k = polyder(p)
k = polyder(a,b)
[q,d] = polyder(b,a)


The polyder function calculates the derivative of polynomials, polynomial products, and polynomial quotients. The operands a, b, and p are vectors whose elements are the coefficients of a polynomial in descending powers.

k = polyder(p) returns the derivative of the polynomial p.

k = polyder(a,b) returns the derivative of the product of the polynomials a and b.

[q,d] = polyder(b,a) returns the numerator q and denominator d of the derivative of the polynomial quotient b/a.


The derivative of the product


is obtained with

a = [3 6 9];
b = [1 2 0];
k = polyder(a,b)
k = 
    12    36    42    18

This result represents the polynomial


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