get (serial)

Serial port object properties


out = get(obj)
out = get(obj,'PropertyName')


get(obj) returns all property names and their current values to the command line for the serial port object, obj.

out = get(obj) returns the structure out where each field name is the name of a property of obj, and each field contains the value of that property.

out = get(obj,'PropertyName') returns the value out of the property specified by PropertyName for obj. If PropertyName is replaced by a 1-by-n or n-by-1 cell array of strings containing property names, then get returns a 1-by-n cell array of values to out. If obj is an array of serial port objects, then out will be a m-by-n cell array of property values where m is equal to the length of obj and n is equal to the number of properties specified.


This example illustrates some of the ways you can use get to return property values for the serial port object s on a Windows® platform.

s = serial('COM1');
out1 = get(s);
out2 = get(s,{'BaudRate','DataBits'});
ans =


Refer to Property Reference for a list of serial port object properties that you can return with get.

When you specify a property name, you can do so without regard to case. For example, if s is a serial port object, then these commands are equivalent.

out = s.BaudRate;
out = s.baudrate;

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Introduced before R2006a