load (serial)

Load serial port objects and variables into MATLAB workspace


load filename
load filename obj1 obj2 ...
out = load('filename','obj1','obj2',...)


load filename returns all variables from the file specified by filename into the MATLAB® workspace.

load filename obj1 obj2 ... returns the serial port objects specified by obj1 obj2 ... from the file filename into the MATLAB workspace.

out = load('filename','obj1','obj2',...) returns the specified serial port objects from the file filename as a structure to out instead of directly loading them into the workspace. The field names in out match the names of the loaded serial port objects.



This example is based on a Windows® platform.

Suppose that you create the serial port objects s1 and s2, configure a few properties for s1, and connect both objects to their instruments:

s1 = serial('COM1');
s2 = serial('COM2');

Save s1 and s2 to the file MyObject.mat, and then load the objects back into the workspace:

save MyObject s1 s2
load MyObject s1
load MyObject s2

get(s1, {'Parity', 'DataBits'})
ans = 
    'mark'    [7]
get(s2, {'Parity', 'DataBits'})
ans = 
    'none'    [8]


Values for read-only properties are restored to their default values upon loading. For example, the Status property is restored to closed. To determine if a property is read-only, examine its reference pages.

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Introduced before R2006a